Other Projects

This page is a collection of some other projects that are either very small, very obsolete or that I cannot distribute for copyright reasons.

Nightmare's ID3 Tagger

Windows application to read and write ID3 tags. It also includes functions to create play lists and info lists which can be imported into a spreadsheet application like MS Excel.

This was one of my very first development projects, which I started early in university. It is written in Visual Basic.


No longer under development

The source code is far from flawless and should not be considered an example on how software development should be done. I started working on this project before I learned a lot about software engineering... I accept no resposibility for this software.

Download and License

Application and Sources.

Crusader Maneuvers

Web application to manage maneuvers used by the Crusader class of D&D 3.5, written in JavaScript using AngularJS.

Since this application contains original material from the D&D book "Tome of Battle", distributing it would violate Hasbro's copyright.

D&D is © 1995-2015 Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


A Python script to evaluate postfix logfiles and extract statistics and details on accepted and rejected connections.

More information and download to come soon...