Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is a Java application I am using to manage my portfolio of stocks and other bonds.

When I needed something to manage my portfolio a few years back, I wanted some special features that I could not find in any existing application. So I wrote my own.






Not under active development. The application is good enough for me...


  • Manage different shares at different brokers.
  • Calculate the current (potential and realized) worth of the portfolio.
  • Group bonds into categories, define a target distribution among the categories and calculate the optimal number of shares to buy with a given amount of money to reach this distribution.
  • Simulate the effects when selling shares following the FIFO (First in-First out) principle. This was mainly implemented when the German taxation was changed a few years back.


  • Since I wrote this application only for my own use, some aspects, especially the UI, are not as intuitive as I would like them to be.
  • Fetching current stock quotes uses a hardcoded, defunc servide.